ASC revolution

ASC revolutionises the future of retail by bridging the gap between e-commerce and traditional bricks-and-mortar retail. ASC provides customers 24/7 access to products that can be purchased anywhere, online and picked up anytime, or purchased on-the-spot, at the nearest Automated Sales Centre.


Automated Retail – The Future of Omnichannel Retailing

The world is becoming more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent.

Seamless Integration

ASC solutions offer a unique competitive advantage, integrating through an API with legacy back-end, mobile, web, and on-premise systems, ensuring effective computer protocols and real-time data and product flow.


A Truly Customisable Solution

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Versatile and modular, ASC provides a retail platform that can be easily adapted to any retail environment, integrating sales and smart locker compartments.

Customisable inside and out, every aspect of  ASC can be tailored to match your brand look and meet your product specifications.


 The Core Benefits Of ASC

24/7 Access

ASC never closes and is accessible around the clock without the need for staffing. 

Cross-Channel Integration

ASC technology integrates with all major enterprise systems, providing a seamless customer experience across all platforms.

Capex & Opex Efficient

Ready for deployment anywhere and relocation when needed – unlike a fixed store, ASC can be relocated at a minor cost with no need for capex write-off.

Big Data Intelligence

Capture your customer data on the go and use sales, marketing and supply chain information as part of your global data analysis.  

Digital Transformation

Tailored marketing and promotion capabilities through ASC branding, workflow design and the unique ASC virtual-human interface.

Completely Secure

Double-glazed safety glass, metal parts constructed in galvanized steel, and a secure locking system keep your products safe. ASC PDI compliance ensures the highest level of data security.  


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